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Sowsua’s sole focus is to help agents who need to put the brakes on all the fees related to being an agent. There are limitations, but you can pause paying association, board and MLS fees until you’re ready to resume working as a regular real estate sales agent.

You’ve worked too hard to let your license go inactive or expire! 

MerrickDamon real estate

Who is Helped By License Parking?

If you’re a licensed agent, we can help you when you need a pause for:

  • New agents just getting started
  • School or education
  • A travel sabbatical
  • A family emergency
  • Retirement
  • Changing careers
  • For moving to another state
  • Just needing time (without letting your license expire)


What About Referrals?

Our solution keeps your license active (so you can even earn money from your referrals). And with association, board and MLS fees on hold you’ll save a ton every year. Being a referral agent is simple and helps prevents your license from becoming inactive or allowing it to expire. With Sowsua there’s NO MEMBERSHIP FEE.

Make Referrals (and Money)

We are partnered with MerrickDamon Real Estate, so when you send a referral they will handle the details—you just get paid. A 25% referral of a $300k property nets you $1,925. And that only works if you have an active real estate license. BTW, you can refer yourself on your own sale or purchase. MerrickDamon works with residential, commercial, new construction, pre-construction, and raw land in Florida and Georgia.

What’s MerrickDamon?

When you are ready, if you need a brokerage to join, you can become a MerrickDamon agent in the fastest possible way—we’ll just move your license over for you. MerrickDamon has some of the lowest agent fees in the industry and have offices in Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Tampa, Orlando, and Atlanta. You can also opt to join another brokerage.


We offer outstanding customer service that leads to lasting agent relationships. We are completely focused on you with training programs, tools and strategies to help promote independence and support the unique ideas and goals of our agents. With more than 20 years experience and billions in sales, MerrickDamon has remained  been deeply rooted in the residential marketplace.


MerrickDamon Real Estate represents the future of real estate brokerages. Realtors and brokers are provided with top-of-industry support, technology, resources and training. Our agents can be sure they will have the tools and training necessary to help their clients buy or sell real estate while providing the smoothest transaction possible.


We also provide our agents with the best compensation plan in the industry! Why is that important? It follows the same hilosophy that happy agents make the best agents. By giving more to our agents, we believe they will have more available to invest back into their lives and their business.


Who’s Merrick Williams?

Merrick Damon Williams clientele is a veritable who’s who of influential and sucessful entrepreneurs. His track record, ability to identify market trends, and relaxed, personal business style has made Merrick one of the Southeast’s most successful real estate brokers. You want him on your side.



Are you ready to get more from your broker?

At Sowsua, we understand that every agent’s needs are different and one size does not fit all. Our commission plans up to 100% were created to ensure the highest level of support, technology and training are available to our agents while still providing the industry’s best commission plans. Get more, keep more!